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Reducing scouting by monitoring from above
Our satellite imagery cloud infrastructure takes care of the complexity of handling the imagery archive and makes it available via easy web services. No need to download large files, manage strange formats, process, reframe, enormous storage volumes and processing power. Get what you need right away and scale your system globally without any hassle.
Less time spent sending scouts to verify the field. More focus in the positions that really matter in your farm fields at any given time.


Soil Temperature and Moisture in perspective
With AGRO-SENSE Temperatura you can monitor the temperature of the first 2mm of your soil, every 2 days. You have access to historical series since 2002 and similar accuracy to infrared thermal sensors, but without having to pay for those sensors and their maintenance. You get an historical perspective of drought, crop and plant diseases.

With AGRO-SENSE Umidade you can monitor the moisture on your soil in the root zone that is more important for your crop: 5, 10, 20 and 40 cm depth. You get more spatial accuracy than if you had sensors on the ground. Soil moisture’s predictive value for crop yield, plant disease outbreaks, soil compaction, weather forecasts and flooding is very strong.


Reduce fertilizer application in your farm
STARK-FERT indicates the ideal combination of fertilizers and their application rates for your crops. It provides complete fertilizer schedules, according to plant growth stages, integrating crop characteristics, field data and yield goals.

Based on nutrients balance, field tests results from your farms, fertilizer schedule and harvest we are able to optimize your fertilizer management and in some cases even shorten the crop cycle with more productivity.

We then give you an action plan to be implemented during the different growth stages of the crop and partial reports during the crop. This report includes cost analysis and optimization of your fertilizer program, fertilizers consumption and costs analysis and nutrient cost analysis. STARK-FERT is able to identify and alert the farmer about: nutrient imbalance, salinity hazards, fertilizer incompatibility, water quality issues, fertilizer current and future usage, besides giving the farmer ways to achieve higher productivity in each harvest.