Our Clients

Rodolfo S. Borges
soybeans, corn and black beans farmer, Brazil.

  • StarkSat helped us to better locate and react to emergencies during the soybean growth cycle better than other tools. It is very easy to use and I recommend to other fellow farmers.

Jeremy Miller
cotton farmer, USA.

  • Agro-Eye and Agro Sense help us understand in a simple way the correlations between our fetilizers management and productivity increase. We use Agro-Sense Temperatura and Agro-Sense Umidade and have access to more than 15 years historical data in our farms, which is very helpful for determining the need of irrigation during the different stages of cotton growth.

Celina G. Figueroa
COOPCANE - sugar cane cooperative farmers, Colombia.

  • We can now control indexes that help us understand historically the good years and bad years in our plantations. We use a lot the moisture and NDVi to correlate with temperature series and pests events, besides adopting Stark-Fert as our fertilizers management tool.